Living-room Luigi XVI – art. 098/A

Soggiorno Luigi XVI – art. 098/A

Rectangular table Luigi XVI – art. 110/A

Tavolo rettangolare Luigi XVI – art. 110/A

Living-room Luigi XV – art. 024/C

Soggiorno Luigi XV – art. 024/C

Oval table Luigi XVI – art. 041/C

Tavolo ovale Luigi XVI – art. 041/C

Oval table Luigi XVI – art. 091/A

Tavolo ovale Luigi XVI – art. 091/A

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Ballabio Remo is a handycraft firm that has been producing classical furniture for three generations. All the carvings, decorations and inlays are handmade by carvers, painters and inlayers masters. The company's mission is to satisfy all needs and to find customized solutions and finishes, depending on our customer's taste and necessity.


Ballabio Remo Snc
Fabbrica mobili in stile dal 1938
Via Carducci 8, 20030 Seveso (Mi) – Italia
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