About Us

About the story

Ballabio Remo s.n.c. is ever been a company family managed since 1938, when Remo managed it with the help of his sons.Actually three brothers manage the company: Piergiorgio, Silvano and Luigi.
The furnitures production quality is ever been the most important characteristic of the company, which always makes big attention to the customers needs, boasting the best ratio between quality and price of the Brianza.


The timberused in the costruction of our furniture are of high quality and naturally essicated: Tanganyka Walnut, beech, lime, maple. The natural and precious Kinds of wood and the care taken in their selection are basic premise wich will, in time, main-tain the value and the life of each piece in our collection.


During the preparation of the carvings, our master craftsmen work a live piece into highly decorative elements, which guarantee an absolutely unique characterization to each in individual piece of furniture.

This is further part of the artisan’s work which will receive the maarquetry panel. The figures are all made exclusively with natural woods. The technique used is the ancient fretwork system for the composition of precious and coloured types of woods. The woods used more mfrequently are: rosewood, elm, ebony, boxwood, zebrano.

The final polishing

The final polishing and shading of the individual pieces are still operations carried out by hand. The subsequent protectiuon with high-quality varnishes will maintain the wood’s natural hues. The results obtained are a perfect blend of the most authentic, traditional values with the advantages of the dynamic philosophy which is a basic tenet of our operations.